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Chinese New Year

18 Feb 2007

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 Visual trip by Europe

Photos and Image’s gallery  from: Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona,  Güell Park – Gaudi , Vienna, Salzburgo, Budapest, Prague, Paris, Venice, Seville



A Mexico`s link

Dolores Hidalgo Mexican Independence Place,

Guanajuato and Tizayuca



Zocalo Capitalino

Artificial fires at Mexican music rithm

September 15 of 2006

Video wmv (30 megas)


. Visual report  “International Dance Day”

Dances : Mexican, Bolivian, Arabian “From the Harem”, Afro-Peruvian, Flamenco, Polynesian ,Greek

Also some Videos of Aztec’s dances “Warrior’s dances”  (Aztec 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)   from Ecuador Ñucallajta, Peshte longuita from Peru  Marinera Norteña from Colombia Cumbia, Mapale, from  Bolivia Tarkeada, Wayño, Tinku, Caporales, and from Venezuela

  Alma llanera



 Visual trip by Mexico city

Know the greatness of “The biggest city of the world” in the middle of the Anahuac, ancient name to refer this magic region, where the sky is always blue, and live more than 25 millions of humans, where the celebration of the Dead´s day is painting in walls, with his little towns like Coyoacan and Tlatelolco, his beautiful museums like Franz Meyer, “El chopo”,  Modern Art Museum, here exist one of the most important temples from Americas “Our lady of Guadalupe Basilica”, also a flowerpot field is side by side of Ghandi and  Urban’s Nopal  grown up on Reforma.


Also in his streets , places and museums you can enjoy  from bodypainting art ,the Gay Lesbic and transexual pride parade,  the celebration of the  Chinese new year,  a night to give welcome to the spring, the drums party, a clown congress, Tibetan lamas on Mexico` s heart, and the tecnogeisth




Art Gallery


The history of a magic kingdom trap in an Orb


 The dreams and poetry of the Beautiful  Wendolin


The history of a  tiger and others magic realism tales


A full bock of poetry


Tales from here , there and overthere


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